On Pandemics, Progress and their Paradox…

  • Flattening the curve is an attempt to keep from overwhelming our health care system, but it doesn’t necessarily avoid the total number of people who would get the disease. This helps save lives. The policies in place, the so-called “Great Lockdown,” are designed to help save lives by limiting the number of cases at any one time.
We’re most likely to have a “Swoosh-Shaped Recovery” chart from the WSJ (Source)
  • The virus and its economic fallout have disproportionately affected minorities and those already on the lower end of the income bracket. From The Economist, “Research by Abi Adams-Prassl of Oxford University and colleagues finds that an American who normally earns less than $20,000 a year is twice as likely to have lost their job due to the pandemic as one earning $80,000-plus.” Meanwhile, the stock market is up.
The markets have nearly recovered from its drop March when the U.S. passed trillions for economic stimulus.
From Visual Capitalist



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A.M. Wilson

A.M. Wilson

Author of Populace; former journalist, farmer, librarian, burger flipper, bagboy, groundskeeper, political organizer, and shill.